Newly established: the discipline of concert improvisation

Guest professorship for concert improvisation

The Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano invited Galina to a guest professorship for concert improvisation. Since October 2014 the pianist prepares piano students, who have almost achieved their final degrees, for their professional career on stage. The master classes content artistic education in musical account and improvisation just as practical aspects like the choice of programme or stage experience. The students will demonstrate their progress in a concert at the end of semester.

The discipline of concert improvisation is newly established at the CSI, expressly for engaging Galina over a longer term. In our days, the classical music education does not consider the importance of freestyle for the virtuosity of a player – even though improvisation had enjoyed a great reputation in former days, when Franz Liszt or Bach senior fantasised on the piano. More and more conservatories remember and appreciate the merits of improvisation and integrate it in their degree course scheme: Improvisation is based on a close familiarness with the repertoire of classical composers likewise on the profund understanding of harmonies, musical forms and styles. It opens a new approach to a musical oeuvre and develops the abilities of fancy and empathy. Last but not least improvisation gives the opportunity to prove at once virtousity and artistic sense.

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